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H O W - I T - W O R K S


Choose a meal pack to suit your needs - ranging from 5 to 14 meals per order or choose individual meals. 

(minimum order of 5 meals is required)


Meal order cut off is 3pm every Thursday. Your meals will be delivered on Sunday (delivery times may vary).


Lunch or dinner the choice is yours - Heat the meals to your liking and enjoy! We source where possible, local + seasonal - Cooked Fresh - Delivered Fresh 


W H O - W E - A R E

Owner operator Jason Flygenring has worked as a professional chef for the past 25 yrs and is passionate about health, fitness and creating meals that are nutritious, tasty and not just "meals in a box".

"There is a lot of time and care taken to prepare, cook and package these meals so my customers have a home cooked, healthy meal option free of preservatives, enhancers and additives"

"We want to impact  people by producing healthier eating with nutritious food that tastes great and is convenient so you have more time to enjoy your best life!!"


Lots of variety & save money!

My wife and I began using Flyingfit Food to reduce decision fatigue with our weekly meals choices, but we got so much more! 

The variety in the meals keeps things interesting without us having to think, shop and cook! The portion sizes are just right and takes out all the guess work. We now enjoy great food guilt-free, and our weekly food spend is so much less!

Chris H

Easy and Hassle-free!

We have a young family and both work full time, by the time you spend 3 hours in traffic each day the last thing you want to do is think about that to cook for dinner.

Flyingfit Food gives us a good variety of healthy meals to choose from, so we can pick what we're in the mood for and best of all its delicious, unlike other meal options I've tried before!

Heather C

Game Changer!

We work full time and went from eating takeaway 3-4 times a week to eating regular, healthy and nutritious meals.

What surprised me about Flyingfit Food meals is the quality of ingredients and portion sizes. I have tried other meal prep companies and they just don't compare! I like the flexibility in meal quantities and the variety on offer means we can reorder our favourites and try new dishes regularly. 

Alana M

Clare Keating

Nutritionist (BNutrSc) and future Dietitian (I am studying to become a dietitian)You can find me at @dietitinaclare on Instagram and click on my website below for nutrition advice, consultations as well as sports and performance nutrition. 



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